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ClassBrowser Log

Commit Date  
[0cd940] (HEADmaster) by Shlomy Reinstein Shlomy Reinstein

Update custom tree cell renderers to extend EnhancedTreeCellRenderer, to correctly handle on-the-fly L&F changes.

2011-08-14 05:09:11 Tree
[14a20a] (release-1.4) by unknown unknown

A small cleanup of the build file, as contributed by Eric Berry.

2010-12-21 19:53:43 Tree
[1d8b85] by unknown unknown

Updated version for release.

2010-12-08 08:06:36 Tree
[010e25] by Alan Ezust Alan Ezust

Bumping version depend.

2010-11-28 20:06:31 Tree
[b0e142] by unknown unknown

Initial import to git

2010-09-10 15:09:48 Tree