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JDrawing / News: Recent posts

An article about architecture of JDrawing component

A short article about key points of design and implementation of JDrawing now available on the project's home page at

Posted by Mikhail Vladimirov 2004-10-06

JDrawing went to 'beta' stage

There are no known bugs and unimplemented features so project status was changed to 'beta'. There are now two separate branches of development: 0.2-beta and 0.3.x.

Posted by Mikhail Vladimirov 2004-08-13

IndexedDrawingModel interface added

The new release named 0.2.5 contains interface IndexedDrawingModel. It allows to obtain subsets of elements from the model, filtered by geometric properties if elements. This interface can be useful for off-memory models.

Posted by Mikhail Vladimirov 2004-07-02

Quad-Tree Model Cache Added

Release 0.2.3 includes new drawing model cache class named QuadTreeDrawingModelCache. It implements quad-tree splitting of the drawing.

Posted by Mikhail Vladimirov 2004-05-17

GraphicsModelBuilder implemented

In release 0.2.2 new class, called GraphicsModelBuilder was implemented. It is a subslass of Graphics2D and can be used to create GraphicsModel objects from painting methods, which require Graphics or Graphics2D as an argument.

Posted by Mikhail Vladimirov 2004-05-11

Graphics model redesigned

Grouping removed from graphics model in release 0.2.1. System of drawing styles improved.

Posted by Mikhail Vladimirov 2004-04-22

Graphics model for JDrawing

Now JDrawing has generic data model, which uses drawing operations of Graphiocs2D class as drawing elements. This model supports grouping. Styles and affine transformations can by applied to elements or to group of elements.

Posted by Mikhail Vladimirov 2004-04-08

Support for unbounded elements

In release 0.1.1 support for unbounded elements was added. Unbounded elements are elements like grids or background images. Demo <> was updated to use new feature.

Posted by Mikhail Vladimirov 2004-04-02