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Automated GUI rendering diff tool jDiffChaser 0.9.1 released

The latest version of this automated GUI comparison software, a developer tool to avoid rendering regressions.

You can now add additional zones to ignore during GUI comparisons in external files, use the comparison file editor to edit scenarios, exit the local player using a key shortcut you define, you don't need to add a getFrame method in your code anymore, you can use the Frame Identifier tool to launch jDiffChaser on an application you don't have the code anymore, you can accelerate automated moves, skip animations, you can locally launch a suite of scenarios to test... and you have a better looking report with a new style.

Posted by jlayat 2009-03-05

jDiffChaser v0.8.1 released

Fixes a v0.8 bug that blocks text typing recording.

Posted by jlayat 2008-04-07

jDiffChaser v0.8 released

The latest jDiffChaser release supports fullscreen capture, dialog moves recording, MacOS X system, and also provides an improved result browser to help you better check the gui differences found between your latest production version of your swing app and the current development one.

Posted by jlayat 2007-10-07