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#13 jde-gen-class: trigger ..extend-abstract-class if requirered


Email discussing jde-gen-class improvement suggestions/history
[with plandes]

> implementation-stubs for the abstract methods in MyAbstract do *NOT* appear in the body of the new class
> // which could be a little better - since 'extend' is used in the prompts that jde-gen-class creates,
> // it would be nice to have the jde-wiz-extend-abstract-class functionality kick in *if* the specified 'parent' class is abstract
> // - just a thought! :)

To my recollection, this at one time did work but must have been broken at some point from the old CVS version. I did start to look at this and pinned it down to a NullPointerException in the JDEE Java code, but that is as far as I've gotten.

I've added a doc/history/known-bugs.xml with this information, but we also need to track it in sourceforge. Do you mind adding this to it?

> 2b similarly, if an interface is being implemented, 'stubs' for the Interface's methods would be nice to have.

The code generation layer will be eventually be getting a face lift and we can add it at that point. That said, it seems like years ago I was using something exactly as what you describe but I can't find it now.