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Jdec: Java Decompiler / News: Recent posts

jdec 2.0 released

Mainly support for java 5 features : Generics + Annotations

Posted by Swaroop Belur 2008-05-26

jdec 1.2.1 released

Released 1.2.1

Focusses mainly on bug fixes.
Still jdec doesn't officially support 1.5
though it attempts to decompile them anyway.
That should in all probability happen in
next release.

swaroop belur

Posted by Swaroop Belur 2007-12-28

jdec 1.2 released

Time for next release. Have released the next version of jdec [1.2] Please check the release
notes and change log.

I Thank all those who gave any kind of feedback.
Appreciate that.

Swaroop Belur
-project admin

Posted by Swaroop Belur 2007-03-25

jdec 1.1 released

Jdec 1.1 has been released.

This version contains lot of enhancements/bug fixes.Sample UI enhancement includes syntax highlighting for decompiled output.

A lot of decompiler bug fixes are also included
Please check up the readme for more.

The intention is to make next release
production stable.

Posted by Swaroop Belur 2006-05-30

jdec 1.0 released

jdec 1.0 was released on April 11 2006
Right now Only The UI version has been
released. The command line version will
be released soon.

Posted by Swaroop Belur 2006-04-11