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VVIT has news out...but first: If you were lucky enough to get in on our last pick, FITX, you realized almost a 2000 percent rise.  See the FITX Chart.  If you missed our report, it's not too late.  Believe it or not, we are already past our long-term target of .045.  Check out the FITX Newsletter.  Now, onto our next pick, VVIT, which we believe can do just as well, if not better.

Marketwired  Vista Sees Revenue Growth of 35 Percent
DENVER, CO--(Marketwired) - Vista International Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: VVIT), a pioneer in efficient waste-to-energy (WTE) technology, is pleased to give investors an update on its revenue and income expectations for the fourth quarter of 2013 and full year 2014.

The Company expects revenue in the fourth quarter of 2013 to exceed $260,000, which represents a rise of 45% from 2012 levels. This sizeable increase is due to the expansion of the Company's gasification operations, coupled with steady performance from its Hutchins tire processing facility.

The recently completed upgrades at the Hutchins facility have helped the facility to operate with greater efficiency, and increased profitability for the company in the fourth quarter, and moving forward into 2014. The company expects to be net income positive in the fourth quarter, excluding consulting fees paid to aid in the setup of European operations.

For the full year 2014, the company expects revenue to increase roughly 35% from 2013 levels, topping $1.15 million. This revenue surge will create solid growth from our gasification segment, and increased sales of processed tire material at the Hutchins facility. In addition, the Company expects to be net income positive for full year 2014.

These revenue and income projections are considered to be conservative in nature, as they are based on contracts currently in place and continued operations with our trusted business partners, and do not include revenue from projects currently under discussion but not under contract.

VVIT is in the Green Energy, Gasification business. 

Thermal Gasifier, and How it Works
The Thermal Gasifier plays a pivotal role in helping Vista International Technologies, Inc. (VVIT) accomplish its core objective to maximum resource recovery with minimal environmental impact. The proprietary patented technology is based on a two-stage gasification process. The Thermal Gasifier efficiently converts the chemical energy contained within waste, biomass, tires and virtually any solid carbon based processed fuel, into electricity and thermal energy, while capturing the pollutants and turning them into useful products.

The Thermal Gasifier reflects the recognition of the inherent value of many materials that are typically considered waste. The energy produced has multiple uses in commercial, industrial and municipal applications and unlimited potential as a low-cost, stable energy alternative with an economic and environmental benefit.

The Thermal Gasifier efficiently turns processed fuel converted from feedstock such as waste, biomass, tires and virtually any solid carbon based material into useful energy without harming the environment. It does so by extracting chemical energy from within solid waste and converts into a clean usable energy.

In the Thermal Gasifier, gasification and partial oxidation take place in separate gasification and oxidation areas of a single chamber, and complete combustion takes place in the fire tube before entering the boiler.

 Within the Thermal Gasifier, these separate areas are established by carefully controlling air content and temperature along the length of the Thermal Gasifier. Controlling the areas environment controls the degree of oxidation, permitting total combustion to occur within the boiler instead of within the Thermal Gasifier, delivering maximum heat.

Once the feedstock has been processed into a fuel, most fuel still contains considerable water that must be removed before gasification. To accomplish this dewatering, the fuel first drops onto fire belt 1 into a low temperature region, about 800 - 1000ºF. As the belt advances, reflected radiant heat from ongoing downstream reactions increases the temperature to about 1200 - 1500 ºF, extracting as much water as possible from the fuel.

The heat used to dehydrate the processed fuel is virtually the only energy expended throughout the entire process that does not produce value - either heat or reclaimed materials for reuse. To minimize this lost energy, VVIT strives to use processed fuel having a water content of about 10 - 15%, although the Thermal Gasifier can accept water content up to 50%.

For more information please check out the VVIT Website

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