looking for persistent maps

  • Vega Tarantino
    Vega Tarantino

    Hi all,

    I am trying to find a java package with the same functionalities as the persistent maps of the balise language (pMap). The aim is to access an hastable without load the entire map in the memory as i am going to manipulate large quantity of data.
    Reading the javadoc of JDBM I have see that this class implements this kind of access to data (i think).
    Is this package adapted to my needs?
    Is this package performant? do you know about another package better for my needs?
    thanks for helping me
    Ramon Vega

    • Alex Boisvert
      Alex Boisvert

      Yes, JDBM offers what you are looking for.  The HTree data structure that we use is quite efficient and does not require all elements to reside in memory.