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Jdatalog / News: Recent posts

v1.2.2 released

- correct a bug concerning datalogger with old firmware (1.5<).
- add elevation substitution possibility during export (smoothed elevation or hgt elevation). If you have a track without elevation download the hgt file corresponding to your track. After that you will have the possibility to save your track with hgt elevation. See Reame file in hgt directory.
- add -e option in command line mode, to choose elevation (one or several). Ex : datalog -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -l -e gps,smooth,hgt -f csv ...
- improve app startup speed.

Posted by GAILLARD Christophe 2010-02-02

v1.2.1 released

- add command line possibility (see Readme_CommandLine.txt).
- correct day changment bug.
- file name suggestion during export.
- choose option possibility during export
- add GPX import support
- add option to force geoid correction
- bugs correction ...

Posted by GAILLARD Christophe 2010-01-04