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j-ftp issues

  • sky_HALud

    I looked at the library part of j-ftp (net.sf.jftp.net) and it indeed seems suitable for what we need.

    I made a plug-in for it (net.sf.jftp) and I put it on the CVS. I removed the UI classes (hope that we won't get ClassNotFoundErrors at runtime). I also put the javadocs for the packages we are interested in. In the doc folder there are also some J-FTP usage samples.

    If this library would do what it promisses, we'd have a uniform interface to FTP, SFTP, SMB, NFS si WebDav (this one is alpha) protocols.

    I tested the J-FTP GUI with FTP and SFTP and so far so good. For SMB the browsing didn't work, but my home network browsing is messed up.

    Suppose we start developing a full featured FTP plug-in for Phileas using JFTP's interfaces. After this, theoretically, adding support for the rest of the protocols would be a peace of cake... And Phileas could become strong in remote access...

    • marius

      Excellent initiative. All we need now is to provide an interface to the j-ftp's layer to adapt it to our GenericFile.