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Compiling JCom

  • Kevin Cheng
    Kevin Cheng

    Am trying to compile the sample files with JDK 1.5. However my English JDK doesn't like the japanese comments. Is there a way to get around this? Do I need to use the japanese or international version of JDK?

    Also, when am building JCom itself, it came with certain errors, like:

    enum is now a keyword in Java 1.5. (Do I need to build JCom with JDK 1.4?)

    • k


      you do not have to compile JCom yourself .
      download the Jcom224.zip file
      and then place the

      jcom.dll file in your c:\windows\system32 directory
      jcom.jar file in your classpath (making it available for javac and java)

      then compile your application against it .