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JCR 0.6.7rc1 released

JCR 0.6.6rc1 is now available.

JCR is a web application for performing and managing formal code reviews. It can be used for reviews of any type of source code, although it has some special smarts for reviewing Java projects, and for managing large code reviews.

JCR has many features to make code reviews as fast and convenient as possible. These include fast navigation through files and comments, several ways of presenting comments for inspection, drill-down into referenced Java classes (for Java reviews only, of course), and the ability to view comments made on the same file in earlier reviews.

0.6.6rc1 is mainly a bug fix release. In particular, the review file caching introduced in 0.6.5 final proved to be slow on projects with more than a few review files - the new caching scheme fixes this. If you disabled caching on 0.6.5 to work around this, you should now re-enable it. There have also been some minor enhancements, principally that toggling of project and file note visibility is now mostly handled by Javascript, and therefore does not require the page to be refreshed.

You can download the new release from, or check out the home page at

Enjoy ............................. JD

Posted by John Dickson 2009-03-24