JCR 0.6.2 final released

The final version of JCR version 0.6.2 is now available.

JCR is a web application for performing and managing formal code reviews. It can be used for reviews of any type of source code, although it has some special smarts for reviewing Java projects, and for large code reviews.

JCR has many features to make code reviews as fast and convenient as possible. These include fast navigation through files and comments, several ways of presenting comments for inspection, drill-down into referenced Java classes (for Java reviews only, of course), and the ability to view comments made on the same file in earlier reviews.

Changes since 0.6.1 include a number of functional enhancements. The most important are improved generation of file diffs, display of intra-line diffs in files, keyboard navigation support when reviewing, and display of modification stats (lines, diff chunks and percentage change) for each file. The keyboard navigation in particular speeds the review process up markedly. There have been many other more minor enhancements, plus a number of bug fixes.

Changes since 0.6.2rc1 are mainly limited to bug fixes - most importantly, the bug introduced in rc1 that stopped popup AJAX comment display from working with Internet Explorer.

If you have not installed 0.6.2rc1, this version requires a schema upgrade, but this should happen automatically if you run 'paster setup-app'. - see the Installation help page for details, under 'Upgrading from a Previous Version'.

You can download the new release from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=153959, or check out the home page at http://jcodereview.sourceforge.net/.

Enjoy ............................. JD

Posted by John Dickson 2008-06-29