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email notifications?

  • Hello,

    I have seen that Codestriker supports email notifications.
    What about JCR?

    Thank you,

    • John Dickson
      John Dickson

      Hi Ioannis

      No, I'm afraid it doesn't.  It's planned (a few people have asked for it), but it's unlikely to appear in the next couple of months.

      Cheers .......................... JD

  • John Dickson
    John Dickson

    Hi Ioannis

    Thanks once more for sending in your code for email notifications.

    I've just uploaded JCR 0.7.2.  This adds email notifications to reviewers (allocated via the new Reviewers tab under project administration), and also notifies comment action owners after the review meetings.  The email generation is templated, and you can override the default templates if you want - see the config documentation page for details.

    The one thing I haven't added yet is allowing the reviewers to indicate that they've finished reviewing, and notification of the project owner when they're all done.  I'll try to get this into the next release.

    Thanks again for your help ………………………. JD

  • leo wang
    leo wang

    So happy to see the email notification feature added.