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Jcapi - Java wrapper for CAPI / News: Recent posts

Version 1.2 released

The version 1.2 of jcapi has been released. See "Files" section for further information.

Posted by Holger Gräfe 2003-08-18

Version 1.1 released

* CAPI interfaces extracted to org.capi.capi20
* sequential methods (e.g. "lastError()") removed (thread-save now)
* new memory management for data messages
* new Java source trees in CVS: net/sourceforge/jcapi and org/capi/capi20
* native module in CVS directory win32
* project architecture document published at project homepage (preliminary)
* JavaDoc updated

Posted by Holger Gräfe 2002-05-10

JavaDoc submitted

The JavaDoc documentation tree has been uploaded:

Posted by Holger Gräfe 2001-09-05

ISDN call monitor as demo application

To demonstrate the usage of Jcapi, a ISDN call monitor has been coded (
This shall give a feeling of how to build applications with Jcapi and CapiMessage.

Posted by Holger Gräfe 2001-09-05