jCAE 0.10 released

jCAE is a JAVA based environment for CAE applications. Features are:
* simple volumes modeler
* finit elements mesher
* portable on platforms which support Java and Opencascade
* inherit module architecture of Netbeans

jCAE 0.10 has just been released. Below is the change log from 0.9-RC2:
* OEMM viewer (for large mesh)
* Mesh decimation
* Update to Netbeans 5.0-RC1 and j2re 1.5.0_06
* [Feature 1377237] Scale geometry
* Fix bug 1400446 and 1362822 : explicite name for imported geometries
* Fix bug: Second 3D view always frozen
* Fix bug [gforge 53] visu of mesh, no name
* Show UNV files in the project

Download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=74334


Posted by Jerome Robert 2006-01-18