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SWING conversion complete

I have completed the conversion from AWT to SWING components. 1.0.3 is in testing now, so if you want to help out, download the source, compile with ANT and send me any issues.

Posted by Ronaldo Nascimento 2002-02-09

JBossDruid 1.0.2 Released

The binary package for version 1.0.2 of JBossDruid has been released.

Posted by Ronaldo Nascimento 2002-01-14

Source Now Available

Finally, I got the current source code online! Go read the docs for using CVS to figure out how to download the source. Remember you will need a copy of ANT to compile it.

Posted by Ronaldo Nascimento 2002-01-13


Well, I finally did it. The JBossDruid source will soon be available here for download. Check back soon.

Posted by Ronaldo Nascimento 2002-01-08