#527 Making exploded deployment of EARs possible outside Jboss

JBossWeb (14)
Anton Klyonov

The idea of this patch is to allow exploded deployment
of EARs supporting the deployment structure where the
WARs that are normally contained in the EARs are left
during exploded deployment were they are ( for instance
in the directory /opt/dev/eclipse/.../myWARsubproject)
whereas the rest of the ear files (for example jars and
xmls) are moved as normally to jboss.server dir (for
instance /opt/dev/jboss/server/.../deploy). Up to now
it is only possible to deploy a war outside of jboss if
it is an independent WAR and is not included into any
EAR. It was also not possible to support the situation
when the web project was included in several EARs
simultaneously without copying of the web project to
appropriate EARs several times.

The added behavior was always supported by orion and
oracle EAS

This patch is for the version 4.0 build from 2004-09-20.

The change is in file
org.jboss.deployment.EARDeployer.java in. Here I have
extended logic so that when WEB-URI taken from the
<web> subproject descriptor part of EAR's
application.xml (which is always treated locally to
EAR's path ) is not found locally to jboss project I
try to instantiate it as if it were an absolute path
before allowing the exception to be thrown.

With best wishes,
Anton Klyonov,
Master of Science in the field of
applied mathematics and computer science


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    Anton Klyonov

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