Someone still working with Jazzy?

  • Carlos Tasada
    Carlos Tasada

    Hi guys,

    Is someone still in charge of that project? I see no progress since more than one year ago :(


    • Ben Galbraith
      Ben Galbraith

      Hi Carlos,

      I can't speak for the other committers, but I haven't actively worked on Jazzy for some time.  I'm not aware of anyone actively leading the project.



    • Hi!
      I've not been doing any active work on jazzy either for a long time. The thing is, for the purposes I use it it works fine now. But if I need something new I will add it.

      I do think it would be a great idea to do a new distro. There has been quite a lot of things added since the last . Even if it will be the last release of jazzy it would be good to have everything in the dist. But I don't know if any of the admins is still around:-)

    • Carlos Tasada
      Carlos Tasada


      Thanks for your fast reply. I've just found about that project and I'm starting to use it, but I see a lot of potential.

      Maybe a new distribution with some new additions, bug fixings, etc would be great.

      If I can be of any help, I don't have a lot of free time, but I'll do my best.