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JTextComponent underliner

  • Anup

    Any progress/update on the auto-spell checking? I am a complete newby to Java, as I use the Jazzy plugin for JEdit, and am desperate to see this working. If I get the latest code from SourceForge CVS what do I need to do to update the Jazzy plugin for me to try it out?

  • Alex

    OK, I addressed this in JClaim.
    go take a look at the SVN.  it's in the ui...util package.

    You'll need more than an underliner.  You'll need the main part - the way to run the spell checking for multiple components and fast.

    Please note the project is GPL.

    Could also use any updates, if you make any.  And some credit would be nice ;)

    - Alex.

  • Enrico Goosen
    Enrico Goosen

    So where is this new implementation? I checked the cvs repository and didn't find it.
    If this functionality exists in Jazzy, it would be nice if there were documentation on how to make use of it.
    In fact, it would be nice if there was any documentation at all.