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Menu unauthorized tag error!

  • Hi,

    I want to use menus in Jaxe editor for my xml files based on a custom designed XML Schema (xsd) file, but get an Unauthorized tag error, when I want to insert a tag using the menu item!

    I can edit xml based on the xsd file without problems, but inserting tags via menuitems poses problems!

    Probably I'm doing something wrong, but can't figure out what.

    Any hint would be welcomed, thanks in advance!


  • Normally it means that the element you are trying to insert is not allowed at the cursor position (inside the parent element of the cursor, based on the schema).
    Could you post your schema and config file (or a simplified version) ?

  • Hi,

    SOLVED! I wasn't aware of the upper/lowercase sensitivity! The tag causing the problem was in lowercase, while the nom attribute in my MENU_INSERTION tag started in uppercase, sorry!


  • Yes, XML is case sensitive (as opposed to SGML).
    You could have avoided this problem by using the config editor (editeurconfig.jar): it suggests menus based on the schema.