problem opening big XML files

  • Hello,
    I have problem to open an XML file which is about 3MB, using Jaxe (on windows): trying to open the file, Jaxe seems to get stacked in "Loading file" status and the related java process gets more and more memory. I finally have to stop the process...
    I have updated jaxe.bat using "java -Xms256m -Xmx768m" however the behaviour is still the same.
    Is there any configuration which would allow me to edit this kind of big XML files?
    Thank you,

    • I will try to help. This might be a memory issue or a bug in Jaxe. Jaxe loads the entire file in memory when opening a file, so it can be difficult for very large files.

      What is the XML language for the file ?
      Does it have images ? (images can take a lot of memory)
      Trying to increase the memory was a good idea. 768M should be enough for a 3M file ! When you launch Jaxe with jaxe.bat, a shell window should open at the same time. Does this window display an error message when you open the file ? (typically there should be an OutOfMemory exception if Jaxe is running out of memory)
      You could also try to remove the configuration for the language you're using from the config folder, and open the file - if it's still frozen then you know there is no problem related to the configuration file.

    • Hello,

      The language for the XML file is the one presented in Jaxe tutorial ( I have created a sample file using this schema, for test purposes. No images are included.
      Please note that the XML file that I want to treat -not yet created- may be much more than 3M; its size will be close to 100M.
      I have made some size related tests: Jaxe succeds to open a file of 800K (same language); however it took several minutes to load it and the related java process reached 275M.

      Finally, I did not really understand the action proposed: "to remove the configuration for the language you're using from the config folder". However as shown above, it is seems to me that this is a size related issue rather than a configuration problem.

      So, due to the size related issue, I just wonder if Jaxe is suitable for my needs.
      Any hints on this are welcome.

      Thank you,

      • I tried to open a 1.1M file with the tutorial config on my Mac, and it took about 50s. But my machine was busy with other tasks. Anyway, this is not fast.

        3M files could work, but I don't think Jaxe is suited to handle 100M files, it's really not designed to handle such large files. When I have to handle so much XML, I usually split it into several small files.
        Sorry about that.

    • Hello again,
      I forgot to mention that no OutOfMemory exception is received when I open the 3M file. I just have to stop the process after 10-15 minutes, due to very high CPU and memory consumption of the Jaxe java process.