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JAXE used to convert a XML file to ePub

  • Nestor GROEL
    Nestor GROEL


    I discover Jaxe today, use it and I think that it´s a great product.

    I´m looking for a open working software where I can program  plug in and convert a specialty coded XML to epub. I have all the schemes and XSLT that converts the XML to the different files in the epub, but need to sequence all the transforms and packed in a zip file.

    Can I use JAXE to do this? If the answer it´s true I begin to learn the use of software to optimize the schema and do the final transformation, If not, tahnks a lot for your patience to read this post and thanks for a well done job with this editor. Anyway, perhaps I use it for edit the XML and other software to convert.


  • You can create an XSLT pipeline by adding several XSL files inside an export in the config file. However, it doesn't create a zip. If you're willing to write some code, you could do that with a Jaxe plugin (written in Java), or with XSLT extensions (calling Java methods).