Eclipse plugin using Jaxe

  • Hi all,
    I have a requirement to create an editor for an XML format. And this is to be included as an eclipse plugin.
    I have read that Jaxe is possible to be included in other applications. What will be the starting point to convert the Jaxe into an eclipse plugin ?

    Thanks !

  • I don't use Eclipse, and I don't know what the requirements would be to create an Eclipse plugin. But my guess is that you would start by adding the JaxeTextPane as you would add a JTextPane in your GUI (JaxeTextPane derives from JTextPane), as described here :

    You can use the source code and "ant javadoc" to create the javadoc API for Jaxe classes, but be aware that it's in French.

  • Hi damieng ,

    I don't understand french :) That being the fact, I am also sure that I have no other go than using Jaxe :)
    So currently Im trying to import the source into an eclipse project and try to build it. And after that generating the javdocs.
    Any suggestions I will be thankful !

  • Hi
    Is there any example available on doing a sample project including Jaxe in an external application ? I am using eclipse and as of now stuck with importing the source to an eclipse project.
    Thanks !

  • If you download WebJaxe and look at the jaxe folder, you will find the source code for an applet using JaxeTextPane. It has a custom frame and menubar. Jaxe.jar is used as a library.