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JavaScript Lint from svn (Linux)

  • inghamc

    I've switched from Windows to Kubuntu since my last heavy JavaScript development, and of course wanted to use JavaScript Lint!  When given the choice between the tar.gz'd source or svn-direct, I thought "What the heck - this way I'll pick up anything new if/when that happens…"  What a pleasant surprise to find new goodies in there!

    I did have issues, however:

    - **Command line wrapper?**

    Though I'm no *nix ninja, I knew enough to follow INSTALL, which gave me a working jsl.py.  I naively tried copying this to my ~/bin directory and quickly found that a no-go.  I then tried various invocations of setup.py install with -prefix, -home, -user, etc.  I tried **-dry-run** with these and found it to be pretty wet (**defect: lib directories got created anyway**).

    I'm only a  programmer: Your modern lib/python/2.6/site-packages and .egg-info files frighten and confuse me…  But I **do** know the Windows executable hid all that from me and gave me a nice, reassuring "0 errors" ouput when I behaved myself, and surely a project implemented in nice, portable Python and C couldn't have only a Win32 API dependent command line executable?

    For now I ended up writing a jsl bash script to invoke my svn workspace's jsl.py with my edited .conf file, but would love the same wrapper I got spoiled with on Windows…

    - **New (secret) Warnings**

    Actually I'll make a separate post for this…

      : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unfrozen_Caveman_Lawyer

  • Yes, I've just been working out the trunk, so I got lazy with proper packaging/installation.

    However, try it now. Update from Subversion and reinstall. (You don't need to run the makefile anymore. Just use setup.py.)