javascript lint error levels

  • Chad Metcalf
    Chad Metcalf

    If you run jsl with no args you see:

    Error levels:
      0 - Success
      1 - JavaScript warnings
      2 - Usage or configuration error
      3 - JavaScript error
      4 - File error

    When you actually run jsl the warnings and errors are labeled things like:

    lint warning

    Is there a configuration setting to get the number version or is there a place to see all the possible labels and their mappings to the levels?


  • Newer versions of jsl will print the version number if you run it without arguments:

    JavaScript Lint 0.3.1 (JavaScript-C 1.5 2004-09-24)

    If you run "jsl -help:conf" it will print the default config file. All items in the "warnings" section are reported as warnings. The errors are (almost) always JavaScript syntactic errors coming from the SpiderMonkey JavaScript parser.

    Hope this helps.