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script principal has malformed origin


  • Anonymous


    Any hints about what it might mean if I see this in my console output?

    ### MRJPlugin:  getPluginBundle() here. ###
    ### MRJPlugin:  CFBundleGetBundleWithIdentifier() succeeded. ###
    ### MRJPlugin:  CFURLGetFSRef() succeeded. ###
    MRJ Plugin JEP: JavaScript-to-Java LiveConnect failed - script principal has malformed origin!

    I'm calling some Java code within in a Firefox extension. The extension, including the Java part, seem to work anyway, but I'd like to stop seeing this message or fix whatever it's complaining about. Thanks for any hints.


  • Steven Michaud
    Steven Michaud

    The error you're seeing has a rather complicated history.  But it's
    fixed in current Firefox 3.6.X and 3.5.X nightlies, and will be fixed
    in Firefox 3.6.13 and 3.5.16 when they come out (which should be

    JEP (which has been bundled with Firefox releases since 3.6.11
    and 3.5.14) fixed (or rather worked around) a security bug
    (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=589041, which is
    currently inaccessible).  But in working around bug 589041, JEP caused breakage that uncovered another, different security bug
    (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=610525, also currently

    It's the combination of bug 610525 and JEP that triggers the
    error messages you see.  It also causes real problems, including the
    following two bugs:


    But, like I said above, bug 610525 is fixed in the upcoming Firefox
    3.6.13 and 3.5.16 releases.

    JEP isn't yet available on this site
    (http://javaplugin.sourceforge.net/).  I've been waiting for the
    issues surrounding bug 589041 to be fully resolved on Windows and
    Linux.  But they will be fully (or at least fully enough) resolved
    with the release of FF 3.6.13 and 3.5.16.  So I'll release JEP
    (and its source code) once a decent interval has passed after the
    release of FF 3.6.13 and 3.5.16.