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CVS has moved

I've moved the CVS repository to
I got tired of the SSH required to do CVS updates here. However, the files are released here, the website is still hosted here, and I still read the discussion groups.

Posted by Eric Farng 2006-03-13


This is a development release of my planned Beta version. I wonder if I should setup nightly build releases. Anyway, I've finished a few JUnit test cases and still have many more to go. I've changed some class names to include the design pattern I'm using. Obviously, along with JUnit tests, there are bug fixes as well.

Posted by Eric Farng 2003-05-04

Finished setting up

I've uploaded three sets of release files
I've put in my TODO list in the RFE section
I've updated the homepage (again)
I've created the mailing list
I've uploaded CVS

Posted by Eric Farng 2003-02-19


Welcome to Java ID3 lib. I've finished the initial CVS import. I've also uploaded three releases that I've done myself.

As for project name, I apologize. I'm not sure what really to call this thing, so you'll see different names here. This also reads basic MP3 header information in addition to the ID3 tags. In addition to ID3 tags, I plan on implementing Ogg Vorbis tags also.

Posted by Eric Farng 2003-02-19