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Specifications Viewers

I added two specifications viewers to the specifications module.

Posted by Larry Gray 2012-07-28

Image Strip Editor working

I used the BME and made up an image strip editor. Also made a custom font. We have a new ImageStrip
class in the GSC module. This allows programmers to easily put and get images to and from a single image strip. It also saves and loads image strips from png files.

Posted by Larry Gray 2012-07-28

Rewrote and Rewriting some modules

I am rewriting the GNL, GSC and DIO modules. Their structure was simply too complex.

Posted by Larry Gray 2012-07-28

new project structure

new project structure will be as such
release threads for
1. Game Net Library
2. Graphics Screen Components Library
3. DataIO Library (simple disk IO)
4. MUD simple mud game engine
5. Island3d
6. Bricklayer
7. BME Bit Map Editor (font editor) (sprite editor)

new project modules will be


Posted by Larry Gray 2005-09-16

Game Net Library

Released Iteration 2 of the Game Net Library, anyone may use this library now for building Chat or Net Games. It ideed works! Please try it out. Download and read the README.txt file.

Posted by Larry Gray 2004-08-01

Latest file releases

Game_Net_Library and Graphics_Screen_Component_Library have been released. GSC(GraphicsCreenComponents) Library is on 2nd release. Download and read the README.txt for more info, thanks.

Posted by Larry Gray 2004-06-26

RPG work

December of 2002 I finished the RPG walk around demo which walks you over 4 types of maps, I almost completed city maps but did not get that in the demo. I re-packaged the rpg classes.

Posted by Larry Gray 2003-06-26

updates to repository

I have added a working Island 3D application, I have made updates to the RPG, and the BrickLayer Application. I'm about to begin a Risk Squares Multiplayer network game, where you battle for squares. I may begin a "Fox hole Invaders" Game.

Posted by Larry Gray 2003-06-26

File Releases!

File Releases! We have finally released some work. Even Though it still needs a lot of work. Released the RPG Map Viewer.

Posted by Larry Gray 2002-03-06

Repository has been fixed

The Repository has been fixed. You may now checkout the javaref module with the module name "javaref". There is work to be done so get busy :)
Currently I'm busy setting up my web server at home again. Hope to have that going within the next week so we can get some JSP and servlet support on our web sites.

Posted by Larry Gray 2001-06-20

set up repository

I successfully setup the repository this time.. use cvs checkout javagg...javagg module
This project is a free for all.. help however you want when you want.

Posted by Larry Gray 2001-06-15