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JMEBoy 1.1.1 + JSwingBoy 1.1.1 released

The binaries of the final releases for JMEBoy 1.1.1 and JSwingBoy 1.1.1 have been added for download. These releases are built from the code of SVN revision 122.

These releases fix lots of bugs and are again improving the compatibility with existing Gameboy games. For more information please take a look at the change log.

Please take a look at the release notes for more information on the changes. Choose the emulator download according to the desired target platform:
- JMEBoy runs on Java-enabled (MIDP 2.0) mobile devices.
- AndroidBoy runs on Android-based mobile devices.
- JSwingBoy runs on PCs with a JDK/JRE5 or later installed.

Posted by Jörg Jahnke 2008-07-17