JDiff 1.0.10 released

At last, a custom Ant task to make JDiff easier to use has been created.


1.0.10 - 31st May 2004

#954228 Feature request from Kohsuke Kawaguchi (and 2 years ago from Steve Loughran!) to add a custom Ant Task for JDiff.

#875516 Some HTML elements in user comments were being processed incorrectly. Thanks to Jojo Dijamco for pointing this bug out.

#875470 @link tags were not exanded in user comments.
#877437 Other issues with @link in user comments.
Many thanks to Brian Duff for these bugs and their fixes.

#815039 If the only changes in a class are in native or sync method changes, and showAllChanges is not used, then no change has occurred. Thanks to C. Le Goff for finding this bug and providing the fix.

#872344 JDiff was using a relative URI for XMLReader.parse(). This made it hard to use an XML parser other than Xerces. Thanks to Brian Duff for finding this bug and providing the fix.

Tested with j2sdk1.5.0 beta1, released with examples built by JDK1.4.2.

Updated copyright notices to 2004.

Posted by Matthew Doar 2004-05-31