1, 2, 3 of how to use the tool

  • Syed Ali Naqvi
    Syed Ali Naqvi

    1] Download the javacalltracer.zip and extract it's contents
    2] Define a filter file using inclusive & exclusive filters
    3] Run your java program with the JVM parameters as defined in the readme.txt file under the Calltracer folder

    The output will be generated in XML format, you can then use the Calltrace2Seq tool to convert the XML to UML sequence diagram.

    If you are using jdk1.4 please note that in addition to the steps mentioned above you will have to set the folder in which calltracer2.dll is placed in the Path of Windows and then restart your console. This is to avoid the error "Could not find -Xrun library: calltracer2.dll".