JasperServer 3.1.0 released

In the November 24 release, JasperServer now includes these features:

  • iReport for NetBeans - The JasperServer installer contains
    the latest version of iReport for NetBeans. This iReport
    version is implemented using Sun's NetBeans technology.
    It also includes an improved user interface.

  • Chart Themes - JasperServer's default charting look and
    feel has been updated and improved. Administrators can
    also create new chart themes and apply them at the level
    of either the server or the individual report.

  • Components API - JasperServer now supports an Application
    Programming Interface to allow the use of third party
    visual components, including but not limited to charting
    solutions other than JFreeCharts (JasperServer's default
    charting package). Using a different charting package can
    allow you to create a wider range of charts or support
    different appearances and behavior.

  • 508 Compliant PDF output - JasperReports now can now
    produce PDF output that is compliant with Section 508
    Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which
    governs accessibility of software solutions for people
    with disabilities. This version of JasperServer includes
    the latest version of JasperReports. For more information,
    about Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of
    1973, see http://www.section508.gov.

  • A JSR 168 compliant portlet for JasperServer is part of this
    release. The portlet allows browsing of the repository and
    running of reports from a remote JasperServer installation.

Posted by Sherman Wood 2009-01-01