JasperSoft Celebrates JasperReports and iReport

World’s Most Popular Open Source Business Intelligence Software Continues to Grow With Market-Leading Number of Downloads and Deployments

SAN FRANCISCO—December 6, 2006—JasperSoft Corporation, the market leader in open source business intelligence (BI), today announced the 5th anniversary of JasperReports, the world’s most popular open source Java reporting solution, and the 4th anniversary of iReport, a visual report designer for JasperReports.

Romania-based Teodor Danciu created the JasperReports open source project in 2001 after realizing that existing reporting solutions were too expensive for his project’s budget. Today, Danciu is a JasperSoft founder and architect, continuing to oversee the development of JasperReports. Giulio Toffoli, based in Italy, created iReport in 2002 to provide Java developers with an intuitive and easy-to-use visual report designer for JasperReports. He joined JasperSoft in 2005 as the iReport architect and engineering lead.

When combined, the two technologies provide Java developers with a powerful open source Java Business Intelligence solution in which complex reports with charts, images, and subreports can easily be edited visually and delivered onto the screen, to the printer or into PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV, and XML files.

“I used to be an open source skeptic, but JasperReports allows Harland Financial Solutions to incorporate BI into its daily business activities with virtually no training and no hassle,” said Dan Desch, Senior Software Engineer of Harland Financial Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of the John H. Harland Company and a leading provider of technology to U.S. financial institutions. “JasperReports is a mature, stable open source solution that saves us time and the multiple headaches we used to get from dealing with financial reporting and analysis.”

JasperReports and iReport have been averaging over 60,000 product downloads per month and iReport is consistently ranked among the top downloads on sourceforge.net. As a full-featured report editor, it has a rich set of tools for drawing and laying out tables, crosstabs, charts, rectangles, lines, ellipses, textfields, labels, subreports, and bar codes.

“JasperReports set the industry benchmark for open source BI five years ago. Today, it is the most mature, most downloaded, and most widely used technology of its kind in the market,” said Danciu. “In the last two years alone, it has grown from a stand-alone open source project to one now owned by a commercial company with deep resources and a strong commitment to open source.”

Together iReport and JasperReports have created the most successful open source business intelligence ecosystem, with more than 1.8 million downloads from over 200 countries around the world. Easy to embed or use on a stand-alone basis, JasperSoft products are used to improve reporting and analysis for applications such as customer relationship management, human resources, or supply chain management. For example:

-A major New York financial services firm uses JasperSoft for monitoring internal controls and fulfilling Sarbanes Oxley regulations;
-A U.S. security expert is using JasperSoft technology to provide state-of-the-art reporting, auditing and monitoring functionality to its customers who need to comply with HIPAA and other industry regulations; and
-The world’s largest arts festival is using JasperSoft to create up to 1,300 web-based reports during peak festival months.

“JasperSoft is very responsive to its open source community and is always looking for ways to make open source BI easier to obtain, use, and deploy,” said Toffoli. “For example, JasperSoft just launched a new iReport Plug-in for Eclipse, which allows iReport to be launched from inside this popular IDE. I’ll be working closely with the JasperSoft and Eclipse communities to deliver more integration in the future.”

“The JasperSoft community is the most active open source BI development group in the world,” said Barry Klawans, CTO at JasperSoft. “JasperSoft’s ownership of critical open source projects, its investment in JasperForge.org, and its ongoing engineering work ensures active involvement with a growing number of open source developers and users. We rely on open communication to shape new features and benefits, helping us to provide a powerful open source alternative to proprietary BI solutions.”

JasperReports and iReport are part of the JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite, a complete BI product family available in both open source and professional editions. The company also recently introduced Jasper4Salesforce, an on-demand advanced BI solution for salesforce.com, available through Salesforce’s AppExchange.

JasperReports and iReport are freely available on www.jasperforge.org.

Posted by tcloonan 2006-12-06