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Released 0.2-alpha

I released 0.2-alpha. The CGI interface now automatically creates the "main," "ls," and "list_entry" pages. Authentication mechanism is working well. At the site I posted a link to the versions database, so you can see what's going on there.

Posted by Jason Victor 2002-01-04

Slight change in mission

My new mission for jDB databases is for easy, light implementation on the server side via CGI. New features will include an HTML and CGI frontend for easy remote management, editing, viewing and creation of jDB databases through a web browser.

Posted by Jason Victor 2002-01-02

0.1-coco release

Released 0.1-coco. It seems I was too quick in releasing beta. It had a stupid bug in it which I fixed right away, and release coco.

Posted by Jason Victor 2001-10-14

0.1 beta release

Released 0.1 beta, adds floating point support.

Posted by Jason Victor 2001-10-14

0.1 alpha release

The first release of JDB is available. The core is well along, but the frotnend... needs strengthening.

Posted by Jason Victor 2001-10-13