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Japano needs your collaboration

Japano more and more reaches the stage where the features I would expect of a 1.0 release are implemented. My problem is that I have still not received many reactions to it. I see that there are people downloading it and some have even registered to be notified of further releases. It would be nice if some people interested in japano would contact me and answer one or more of the following questions:... read more

Posted by Sven Helmberger 2005-10-28

Japano Beta 4 released

The new japano release is a bug fixes release. The following bugs were fixed:

- improved JSP error handling, JSP error pages should work now.
- fixed showView action handling, the Japano Servlet now offers an overloadable method
to change the showView behaviour
- Fixed certain types of boolean EL expressions
- changed name of generated safe-getter methods, use safe getters for the implicit
"tag" object, too
- correct handling of NotFoundException and ForbiddenException inside actions.
- cookies now correctly use the servlet context as cookie path.
- link nodes use correct & in URLs instead of &
- minor bugs/enhancements.

Posted by Sven Helmberger 2005-10-20

Japano Beta 3 released

The new release contains lots of bug-fixes, mostly concerning standard JSP tags and mixing tag files with normal tags.

- fixed <jsp:invoke>
- changed js data hiding mechanism to onclick handler (see http://japano.sourceforge.net/jsapi.html for details)
- simplified sample application layout

Posted by Sven Helmberger 2005-10-04

Fixes in traditional JSP support committed

I submitted bugfixes for 2 bugs to CVS.

- Not working traditional tags with dynamic Attributes
- <jsp:attribute> failing with nested custom tags.

For now they're only available from CVS but will be included in the upcoming japano beta 3.

Posted by Sven Helmberger 2005-09-30

Japano Beta 2 released

In the spirit of "release early, release often", I am proud to present the second beta of the japano webapplication toolkit.

The following changes were made between "Japano Beta2" und "Japano Beta":

- Netbeans integration for sample application fixed.
- experimental traditional JSP tag support added.
- JSPFragment attributes fixed.
- cross-browser fixes in the javascript API and sample application
- introduction of org.japano.action.DefaultView
- minor bugs/enhancements.... read more

Posted by Sven Helmberger 2005-09-27

Japano beta released

The beta release of the japano webapplication toolkit is now available on sourceforge for downloads. This release has many new or improved features and quite some bug fixes.

See http://japano.sourceforge.net for documentation

Changes in the japano beta release are:
- Java5 annotation support while keeping java1.4 compatibility
- Integration of partial page updates with javascript (AJAX) and switch to JSON
( http://json.org ) for java => javascript data transport.
- Changed session handling to now support three strategies ( cookies, in-path, parameter)
- additional japano tags
- lots of bug fixes

Posted by Sven Helmberger 2005-09-13

Japano Webapplication Toolkit : Initial Release

Japano is a servlet based webapplication toolkit and runtime engine. It has an own, fast JSP engine with an easy but powerfull custom tag API. Japano offers a logic controller which uses user-defined actions to drive the website logic.
Japano has uses no descriptor files but javadoc meta-information to connect all the parts.

Documentation :

Download :

Posted by Sven Helmberger 2005-01-19