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Image Export 0.10.0 and PDF/SVG/EPS exporters 0.6.0 released

Changes from 0.9.0 to 0.10.0:

* Released for (and only tested with) Eclipse 3.3.
* No longer redistributes Batik, Xerces and (parts of) GMF but depends
on the standard plug ins that are included in Eclipse Europa. That
means, however, that you have to install those, see doc/INSTALL in
the feature.
* New feature: export to PNG (also using it as default export format).
* New EPS exporter.

Posted by Thomas Maier 2007-08-11

Image Export 0.9.0 and PDF/SVG exporters 0.5.0 released.

Changes from 0.8.1 to 0.9.0:

* Using and redistributing the Apache Batik and Xerces plug ins that come
with Eclipse 3.2.
* Using newer version of the GMF renderer including bug fixes. Sent by
Adrian Gygax, thanks Adrian!
* Added antialiasing option to wizards. Incompatible change: added
antialiasing flag to API (probably the wrong thing to do).
* Several bug fixes.

Posted by Thomas Maier 2006-05-27

Image Export 0.8.1 released.

Changes from 0.8.0 to 0.8.1:

* Fixed export to file method. Stream was neither flushed nor closed.
Patch submitted by Alexander Nyßen.
* Updated credits.

PDF and SVG plug ins depend on the GMF render plug in found in the 0.3.0 release, so if you use PDF or SVG export, please download the GMF render plug in from 0.3.0, too:


Posted by Thomas Maier 2006-03-30

Image Export 0.8.0 released.

Changes from 0.7.0 to 0.8.0:

* Wizards remember dialog settings, now.
* Added new export() method to ImageExporter that returns an InputStream.
Thanks to Christian Sell for suggesting this (that is what he meant :).
* Incompatible API change: FigureProvider now returns a Map<IFigure, String>
for diagram files. This replaces the ugly kludge of having two methods,
see the 0.7.0 notes below.
* Exporting diagram files that contain multiple diagrams was completely
broken in the last release. I cannot test it as I do not have such an editor
but the code should be much better, now.... read more

Posted by Thomas Maier 2006-03-30

Image Export 0.7.0 and PDF/SVG exporters 0.4.0 released.

Changes from 0.6.0 to 0.7.0:

* The "how to blow away a week of holiday" release.
* Incompatibly changes (a.k.a "breaks") the interface all around the place.
* Abstracted (and broke) the interface a little further to deal with multiple
figures per diagram file.
- FigureProviders provide a list of figures instead of a single one.
- FigureProviders have to provide default names for the exported images of
a diagram. (I don't like the current way of having two separate methods
providing two separate lists, though. Needs some feedback.)
* Added a new wizard to export the current diagram (or only the current
selection). Closes #1444731.
- With preview! ;)
- FigureProviders now may provide figures for a list of selected edit parts.
- ImageExporters export a list of figures instead of a single one to a
single image file.
* ImageExporter exports to a java.io.File now.
* Providing a default name when exporting an image of the current diagram,
now. This led to an incompatible interface change:
FigureProviders.getFigureProvider(IPath diagramFile) uses an IPath now
instead of an IFile.
* Extended ImageExporter interface with an export method that writes to
an OutputStream. Should make the whole thing more usable from a
program (instead of using the wizard). Thanks to Christian Sell for
suggesting this--although I think I got him wrong :).... read more

Posted by Thomas Maier 2006-03-07

Image Export 0.6.0 and PDF/SVG exporters 0.3.0 released.

Replaced our Graphics implementation by GMF's Drawd2D render plug in. So I guess PDF and SVG export should be fairly complete, now. PDF and SVG plug ins depend on the GMF render plug in, now, see http://www.se.eecs.uni-kassel.de/~thm/Projects/ImageExport/index.html

Posted by Thomas Maier 2006-02-21

Image Export 0.5.0 released.

* Closes #1430995 "Image Export classes are not visible and cannot be
* New bug: #1432902 "Schema files/description for extension points are not

Using zip now, as .bz2 seems to be too unixish.

Posted by Thomas Maier 2006-02-16

Image Export 0.4.0 released.

Added .classpath, .project and build.properties to build.

Posted by Thomas Maier 2006-02-15

Image Export 0.3.0 released.

Changes from 0.2.0 to 0.3.0:

* Added support for ovals.
* Reincarnated old feature: when no figure provider is known for a file,
I try opening the file which should open the right editor. I then ask
this editor for the figure. This has the ugly side effect of a window
flashing on screen but gives you the facility to export all diagrams
for which you have editors.

Posted by Thomas Maier 2006-02-13

Image Export 0.2.0 released.

Initial support for SVG in additional plug in.

Posted by Thomas Maier 2006-02-09

Image Export 0.1.0 released.

First release, internally supports BMP, JPEG. Additional plug in for PDF export.

Posted by Thomas Maier 2006-01-16

Logging plug ins for 0.1.0 uploaded.

nlog4j and nop logging plug ins uploaded.

Posted by Thomas Maier 2006-01-16