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Jampa / News: Recent posts

Jampa 0.3.1 is available

New features:
- Jampa can now be used to play podcasts and radios;
- Views layout can now be saved and retrived. This allow to have some kind of desktops dedicated to some tasks. For instance, you can have a layout for building playlists, and another one for listening to music.

Detaillled changelog:
- Views layout can now be saved and retrieved.
- Jampa can now be used to listen to podcasts (disabled if using internal JLayer engine).
- Jampa can now be used to listen to radios (disabled if using internal JLayer engine).
- Preferences which need Jampa to restart after modification now prompt the user if he want to restart (and do so if yes).
- Playlists can now be reorganized by drag'n'drop (same for the new podcasts list view).
- Playlists's position in Playlist View is now saved and restored (same for the new podcasts list view).
- File System and Library views now remembers expanded / collapsed nodes when switching the sort mode.
- Actions menu items (stop, pause...) are now enabled/disabled, depending if a song is currently playing.
- Play controls are now in the application toolbar (this can be disable through preferences).
- A new property view now display the currently played item's properties.
- A proxy can be specified for Internet access (used for new version check, podcasts updates and podcasts download...).
- Some icons refreshed.

Posted by Anasthase 2009-09-19

New version 0.3.0 available

Major changes:

New playback engine:
Jampa now have its own playback engine, built with the JLayer, Tritonus, and JOrbis projects. For now, this engine does not support as many audio files format as MPlayer.

Jampa can now connect to external storage devices.

Multiple path library:
Jampa's music library can now be composed of as many differents folders you want.

Detailled changelog:
- Jampa can now use an internal playback engine, based on JLayer/Tritonus/JOrbis, although MPlayer is more powerful.
- Drag'n'drop from Library/Disk view to a playlist view now allow to choose the position of insertion (instead of adding at the end).
- Basic help is available.
- Jampa can now connect to removable storage devices (or any temporary directory). Music files located on a removable storage device are not included in the library, and are not saved in playlists.
- Library can now be a composition of several folders.
- The path for MPlayer is now more correctly tested. User is prompted to change it if invalid.
- Exception with a level of ERROR and FATAL are now prompted to the user.
- Code reorganization in three packages (core, translations and help).

Posted by Anasthase 2009-07-13

Jampa 0.2.4 is out !

Finally, a new release for Jampa !

Main new features are:
- A new version notification mechanism (can be disabled in preferences window);
- Options added to system tray popup menu;
- Import/export playlists in xspf format;
- Bugs fixed and many small improvements;

Note: If you update for an old version, at first run the library will be completely updated, because of changes in database structure.... read more

Posted by Anasthase 2009-06-07

Jampa 0.2.3 is out !

This one is a big one, with many internal rework, and many new features :

- File system and Library view can now be sorted ascending or descending;
- Library view has now 3 display mode: by artist/album/title, by album/artist/title, or by genre/artist/album/title;
- Current playing song is displayed in the title bar;
- Playing/enqueueing in a new playlist now use the first selected item name as the default playlist name;
- Metadatas (tags) can now be viewed/edited from the library, file system, and playlist view;
- Playlist view icon now display the playlist state (playing, paused, stopped). Same apply on playlist list view;
- Playlists importation & exportation (to a directory or a zip file);
- File system and Library views double-click behavior can be customized;
- Playlists importation & exportation (to a directory or a zip file);
- Random playlist generator;
- Some statistics like most played songs, most played album, etc. are available;
- Drag and drop ! Between File system and library view to playlists, and to order songs in a playlist;

Posted by Anasthase 2009-03-09

Jampa 0.2.2 is out

- Now detect and forbid invalid character (\ / : * ? " < > |) in playlists names.
- Added an action to clean playlists, i.e. remove playlist entry that point to non-existant files.
- Added an action to synchronize database with disk. Can be automatic at start-up through a preference.
- Now use "-volume" command switch to set the volume when playing a song. Need a recent mplayer version. Can be disabled by adding USE_VOLUME_COMMAND=0 to the Jampa.prefs file.
- Debug view added.

Posted by Anasthase 2009-02-17

New basic web site

Posted by Anasthase 2009-02-14

Jampa 0.2.1 is out

- Tooltip now display artist, album and track name.
- Add a pref which allow to display the tray icons in reversed order (compatibility for kde 4.2).
- Add tools buttons in playlists view.
- Bug fixes.

Posted by Anasthase 2009-02-07