Spring + Jamon + Weblogic

  • Hello,

    Any ideas why i can run

    <bean id="jamonMonitoringAspectInterceptor"
    <property name="loggerName" value="my.jamon.logger" />
    From a standalone app and not in Weblogic 10? Even though I've enabled TRACE seems like the interceptor never gets executed or triggered.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • Steve Souza
    Steve Souza

    I don't know anything about Spring or Weblogic.   It might be a better question for there forums.   However, a couple clues follow:

    Are you getting an exception thrown like class not found?  If you are then it is a classpath problem.  If you are not getting this exception remove jamon jar and see if you get an exception then.  if you do then the code is executing.  The most common jamon problem is to have 2 jamon jars installed.  One gets written to and the other you read the report from, but can't see the data.  Usually this is because you have one jar in your war and another in the system classpath (say tomcat/lib).  Do you have any other Spring aspects you can test?  If they don't work then it has nothing to do with jamon (my suspicion). 

  • Update

    It works on my co workers weblogic instance without any code changes. So at this point it seems to be an issue isolated to my weblogic instance (two servers actually), don't yet know if it's configuration driven or if it's just a problem with my weblogic version (maybe missing a patch).