Hi Théo,

I agree with your assessment and that we should do something better.  However, with the turbulence we have in other parts of the code right now I would suggest just keeping it as a pointer for now.  Then we can make a ticket for after 0.6 to come back and look later.


On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 7:30 AM, Théo de la Hogue <theod@gmea.net> wrote:
Hi Tim,
recently on merge/api… branch I have changed a TTListPtr mLines member into TTList mLines to not have to take care to its creation and deletion.

but as it was registered as an attribute of the TTScript class (like this addAttribute(Lines, kTypePointer)) it seems it is not possible to get it now.

I mean when I do the following :

TTListPtr lines;
TTValue v;

mScript.get(kTTSym_lines, v);
lines = TTListPtr((TTPtr)v[0]);

The lines variable is very ugly and not usable.
Would you recommend me to go back and keep using TTListPtr or do you see a way to allow this kind of member (addAttribute(Lines, kTypeReference)) ?


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