My name is Gilberto André Borges.
- I am from Brazil and I use Jamin a lot of time!  Jamin is great!!!

- I am postgraduate in music by de UDESC - Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina / Brazil.

- I am co-director of Musix Project, a realtime mulitmedia distro, with Marcos Guglielmetti (Argentina). Musix is available in:

http;//musix.codigolivre.org.br --> brazilian portuguese version
http://musix.org.ar --> spanish and others languages version

By many years I had worked in a presets pack for Jamin.
The pack have two versions: jaminpresets1.0 and jaminpresets2.0.
I want to do the jaminpresets3.0 fixing severals bugs in Debian Package instalation and including news presets.

But, I had perceived that, sometimes, the file *.jam don't open correctly. Its occur when use de *.jam file in diferents Linux Debian sistems, ex: Musix, Debian Live, UbuntuStudio, etc... In Musix, the jaminpresets work fine.

I don't know were is the problem. The file is the same, the users properties it's ok, the same version of Jamin (0.95), etc...

The jaminpresets1.0 and jaminpresets2.0 are available in:


I also worked in a GUI to automate the master process with Jamin using Xmms (playlist) and Timemachine. This GUI works with kommander and is based in shell scripts. It can be accessed in:



GIlberto André Borges

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