JAmiga status update May 2004

Dear JAmigans,

it's been a long time since our last status update and things have become very quiet around JAmiga. However, a lot of work was done in the background. We have meanwhile ported JAmiga so that it can be compiled with gcc which will open up chances to compile it for other platforms.
While being a major task, for most users no difference between the StormC and gcc version will be visible.

We are planning to release a new version with the classpath 0.09 fairly soon, once all classpath-changes have been properly reflected within JAmiga. Eventually, you may be able to use a few AWT gadgets by then, but no promise about that :)

*** New JAmiga Forum ***

We now have our "own" Forum on www.jamiga.org which may be used for chitchat, discussions, requests, etc.

*** First donation arrived ***

Only a few days ago, we have received our first donation -100 EUR- wow. Thank you very much! We have therefore decided to put up bounties for certain tasks....

*** Bounty for ZIP File reader ***
This bounty is endowed with EUR 50. It will go to the person that writes a ZIP Reading "JavaStream" class. Please see our Forum or contact us if you're willing to help!

best regards,

Peter Werno

Posted by Peter Werno 2004-05-02