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JALCEDO 0.8.2 released new features to generate application

New JALCEDO Version 0.8.2 can generate automatically the scaffolding code of server and client application by using the domain model based on POJO. This auto-generated application has capabilities of CRUD view and business logic to persist database on server. Then all remaining task for developing user application is only writing user own business logic and views. The generated application architecture has Java Persistence API, web service with WSDL file and SOAP connectivity, JAX-WS on Http and eclipse RCP and JFaceDataBinding.... read more

Posted by Kazumi OHGATA 2007-01-17

JALCEDO Version 0.6.1 released

JALCEDO Version 0.6.1 is added few new functions and fixed some bugs.

-Improved the SQLEditorView to execute the sql by RightClickMenu or ViewToolbarIcon.
-The problem that a part of table cannot be displayed with oracle is corrected.

-The problem that a part of table cannot be displayed with oracle is corrected.

-Add Refresh button to sync local WebRowSet and Database.
-Modify error for setting DataSource.

Posted by Kazumi OHGATA 2006-04-19

JALCEDO Version 0.6.0 released

JALCEDO version 0.6.0 is added many new functions below.

1. New JalcedoReport
JalcedoReport is a plugin to be able to use DataSource of jalcedo on
the the Eclipse BIRT Project. If you would install JalcedoReport and
BIRT,'Jalcedo Data Source' menu is added to the 'New DataSource'
wizard of BIRT.

2. New JalcedoForm
JalcedoForm is separated from JalcedoClient since this version
0.6.0. Changes from ver.0.5.1:
- JalcedoForm is separated from JalcedoClient since this version.
- A project name can be specified freely.
- Form layout choices are increased.
- A process to create a form application is greately reduced. ... read more

Posted by Kazumi OHGATA 2006-02-09

JALCEDO Version 0.5.1 released

JALCEDO Version 0.5.1 is added some new functions and fixed some bugs.
New functions are:
- Form Wizard function (alpha version)
- Direct connectiong to DB by JDBC Driver
- Support MySQL ver 5.0

Form Wizard function is part of JALCEDO Rich Client Development
Environment that will be released in the near future.

It has funciton of generating source code included to display some forms
with downloaded data from server database, and to sync edited data with
server one. This function is alpha version so it has some restrictions.
You can see how to create form application with JALCEDO Form Wizard in
release documents on JALCEDO project download page.

Posted by Kazumi OHGATA 2006-01-11

JALCEDO Home Page is ready

JALCEDO Home Page is ready in a link of the project top page.


This page includes some description of JALCEDO features and screenshots, and link of JavaWebStart demo to download and install JALCEDO client automatically.

We will update this web pages as needed.

Posted by Kazumi OHGATA 2005-12-26

JALCEDO is now available , version 0.5.0 released

JALCEDO version 0.5.0 is released. This is first release of JALCEDO to
SourceForge.net, that includes database management tool and Jalcedo
Servlet to access database. Jalcedo client (database management tool)
needs Jalcedo Servlet deployed on Tomcat.

A database management tool has two style of executive file, one is work
as Eclipse plugin, other one is Java Application based on Eclipse RCP
which can be distributed to client automatically by using Java Web
Start. ... read more

Posted by Kazumi OHGATA 2005-12-07