Jaffa v2.1.0 Released

After 6 months of development, Jaffa v2.1 is a not only a maintenance release, but also introduces many new features.

In conjunction with this release new versions of the sub-projects (JaffaBaseline, JaffaComponents and Example1) have been updated to make use of these new features.

The full details of what has been added since v2.0 are available in the release notes, but the most notable ones are

- Native Tomcat 5.0 support, including jsp pre-compiling
- Full relational integrity supported in the v1.1 domain pattern
- New bean moulding framework for updating and retrieving graphs of domain objects, idea for complex web services
- Two new database schema importers, we can now import domain models from the database schema, ErWin CASE tool as well as Uniface

Full details available at http://jaffa.sf.net

Posted by PaulE 2004-07-23