Missing rule in ADF Schema

  • Hi, I'm using Jadex V2 rc5 with the IntelliJ IDEA editor and I have managed to integrate automatic validation of ADFs against the provided XML Schema: http://jadex.sourceforge.net/jadex-bdi-2.0.xsd

    First of all let me applaud the inclusion of a schema!! This turned me from dreading ADF files to loving them!  (I have previously worked in big XML files without schema support and it is a pain in the …)

    There are a few quirks you are probably aware of (like the order of elements matters when there seems to be no real reason for it). However, I can live with that.

    But just now I found what seems to be a rather severe omission from the Schema:
    If a <plan> element has no 'name' attribute defined, the ADF wont load in JCC, but the schema does not catch this error!

    Hope this bug report was of any help.

  • Hi Tue,

    thanks for the bug report. I'm already working on better error messages for ADFs.
    We will check, if we can imrove the schema according to your comments.