JADClipse and Eclipse Software Updates

  • How do I get jadclipse to show in Eclipse's configuration info? Manually dropping the
    .jar file into the plugins directory allows the feature to work, but it does not
    appear as part of the configuration.

    Likewise, is there a URL for updates, of the kind that I can use on the "search for
    updates" panel of Eclipse?

    I suspect that either these thigns are not really possible, or that there's some little
    fact or two about Eclipse plugins that I don't know yet :-).

    Thanks in advance -- Eliot Moss

    • Moxi_M

      Strange, I drop the jar into the plugin directory, restart Eclipse (if it was running) and - hey, presto! - I can see the info in Help->About Eclipse Platform->Configuration Details:-
      net.sf.jadclipse (3.3.0) "JadClipse" [Starting]

      I can also see it in the Help->About Eclipse Platform->Plugin Details.

      As far as I know, there is no update site as of yet, although it would be very easy to set up. I'll get the devs to contact me about this matter.