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For a new start

As a first step, the Viewer/Editor will be rewritten from scratch, using the most actual version of the SDLGL-Library. It is planned, that it will support scripts from EOB1 and EOB2 as well as both types of "MONSTER"-structs. About the 'Event-Trigger'-Flags i'm not shure yet.
I'm developing this parallel with my other projects like FSC, so development will be slow, but steady. One project will benefit from another by using the SDLGL-Library and the script language written for JAD.

Posted by Paul Mueller 2010-10-13

SDLGL has moved

The SDLGL-Part of the code has moved to it's own project 'sdlgl' on SF net. I'm don't plan to work furher on this porject. My main project is 'Free Space Colonization', a Turn based 4X-Strategy game.

Posted by Paul Mueller 2006-01-22

SDLGL - Code for ISO map grid input

Here is the map-grid code extended for sensing of mouse input. Lacks of support for the adjacent tiles. This will be added in another package.

Posted by Paul Mueller 2004-08-11

SDLGL - Code for map grid input

The new example is source code and display for handling key and mouse input for a 2D-map grid.
It is designed in a way that it can be used for nearyl any kind of 2D-map

Posted by Paul Mueller 2004-08-08

SDLGL -Turn based example

The new example shows how turn based input can be achieved using the SDLGL - Game loop. Additional anymation can easy be implemented.

Posted by Paul Mueller 2004-07-30

First of SDLGL-Examples

I added one of a few planned examples how to use the SDLGL-Functions.

Posted by Paul Mueller 2004-07-25

Change to base on EOB INF-Files

I switched back to use the original EOB-MAZ format instead of the own created "JMZ". Thus, I can use the original levels as a game base.

Posted by Paul Mueller 2004-07-17

SDLGL - 3D Part

The work for the 3D-Part is going well. Next plan is to have a hard coded example maze level and all the code to display it in a 3D-Window. Follow ups will be new screenshots and some bases to display 'decorations' and 'items'. If all is going well, I'll have an editor for items and item-types soon.

Posted by Paul Mueller 2004-03-24