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Jacob 1.17 released

No changes since 1.17-M4
Thanks to everyone who submitted code fixes for 1.17.

JACOB 1.17
What's New
No new features
Tracked Changes
3505940 (M2)JacobVersion.properties accidently omitted from JAR. Must build from command line to get it included.
3436102 (M1)Fix memory pointer that was 32 bit. Causes defects in 64 bit systems above 2GB
115 (new numbers) (M3)Release problem if you've got two threads with the same name
111 (new numbers) (M3)m_pDispatch is not 0 if not attached
117 (new numbers) (M4) NullPointerException injacob-1.17-M2
41 (new numbers) (M3)Fix for SafeArray(String) constructor

Posted by clay_shooter 2013-08-03