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Possibility to extract commands out of Visio?

  • Tim


    does anyone know, if there's a possibility to extract commands like "close", "save", … out of Visio?
    At the moment I've got a list of 5 commands, but that's way to little.

    An important command would be "search an replace". Hope somebody will know :-)


  • Anonymous

    You have a cuple of options.

    First is to become familiar with the object model underlying Visio. This is the page to visit for that -
    Option 2 - if it is available as I do not use Visio at all myself but do know that other Microsoft products support this - is to make use of the macro recorder. Both Word and Excel - which I have automated using Jacob - allow users to create macros. You may already know this but a macro is a series of VBA commands that can be used to manipulate the application and accomplish something. It is possible to record a macro; you perform the operation you wish to automate and the macro recorder creates tha necessary commands and records them in a macro - a sub-routine really. Later, you can use Jacob to execute these same commands to automate the application.

    I have undertaken search and replace operations with Word and do not know how similar they will be with Visio but the basis is this;

    Search for a specific term using something called a Find object.
    If you do find with you are looking for, then you execute a replace operation on the find object.

    There may be something similar in Visio.