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Commercial License


  • Anonymous

    i'm looking for a java com bridge and jacob seems perfect for my requirements. is there a way to obtain a commercial license? how much does it cost? who is the person to contact?

  • clay_shooter

    Jacob is distributed under LGPL.  This essentially lets you bundle it with other tools without license fees as long as you follow the LGPL license.  Including LGPL compliant components does not  convert your other code to GPL or LGPL just by virtue of it's inclusion.


  • Anonymous

    Let's see if I have understood this LGPL licensing correctly. Is there any loophole whatsoever forcing me to give away the source code of my software nor anything else without me getting paid if the software uses JACOB?



  • Anton Jansen
    Anton Jansen

    Hi Metsis,

    The LGPL license will only force you to disclose any modification you make to the library you make. Not the software you make yourself that USES the library. Hence, you can perfectly use this in a commercial application and distribute this application on your own terms. See This is why LGPL like BSD is regarded to be business friendly.