license terms

  • I was looking at the license terms that JACOB is released under and I have a couple of questions.

    1) What was the reasoning behind switching from the BSD style license to LGPL?  The commit message says it was to "make license terms easier to understand", but it seems a bit weird to me to say that a several page long LGPL is easier to understand than the couple dozen lines it was before.

    2) Is there any chance of getting JACOB released under a dual license scheme? 
    I'm actually using JACOB because it is a dependency of qctools4j, which is itself BSD licensed, and the legal department at my company is raising a stink about the different licenses.


  • VGhai

    Any update on getting JACOB released under dual license schema. Any update on this topic is highly appreciated.

  • Guys, what is the problem with LGPL license? Is it too hard too understand or are there any conditions hard to satifsfy? I use Jacob in my commercial app. I distribute it together with the source code. That's all what's required.